About This Blog

Hello everyone.  I am so excited, because this is my first time doing blogging since I tried it years ago.  I really thank my husband, Robert Coates, for the inspiration and confidence to do whatever I do.  Also, thanks to an old NC A&T SU classmate of mine, Vondell Richmond, for the motivation and advice to do this.  After much time and debating with myself and others, here I am again.    Some of that time was spent reevaluating and praying about my purpose for writing.  To make a long post short, I've come to the long awaited conclusion that God has blessed me with a lot of information about several subjects.  It is my responsibility, as a good steward of anything that I am  blessed with, to share what I know.  I never claim to know it all, so please don't perceive that in any way.

This blog will deal with only a portion of my knowledge base, which is Theater.  I have a Bachelor of Fine
Arts degree in Professional Theater, in which I was on the Acting/Directing track, at North Carolina A&T State University.  If you know anything about BFA programs, you know that they are very extensive programs.  You study pretty much every avenue of theater, from theater history to actually being apart of the theater process (Acting, Directing, Movement, Scenic Design and Construction, Theater and Stage Management, and much much more.  Not to sound biased in any way, North Carolina A&T S.U. has one of the best Fine Arts accredited theater programs in the nation.

Any who, thanks for visiting my blog and I hope that it will be a learning resource to you.  Please leave comments on the individuals blogs if you have any questions or if you see anything that is in error.  Yes, I except constructive criticism; everyone should be teachable at all times.  Again, I stress the word constructive.  If these blogs do not suite you, please continue your search to find one that does.  Negativity is not allowed!!!

God bless and Enjoy!!!

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